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Bikaneri Bhujia is famous in all over world or in other words we may say that Bikaner is famous for Bhujia. Roopji is one of the premium Bikaneri bhujia suppliers as we are involving in bhujia manufacturing for more than hundred years. And due to quality and taste we are brand name in bikaneri bhujia manufacturer and bikaneri bhujia suppliers.

In Bhujia and Namkeen category Roopji offers Marwari Mixture namkeen, Mota Bhujia, Mahin Bhujia, Bhujia, 3 no Bhujia, Kaju cornflex namkeen, falihari, Kaju Shahi mixture, Navratan mixture, Tasty Bhujia, Ganthiya, Raita Boondi, Aalu chips, Aalu bhujia, samosa etc.

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